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Chairman's NOTE

As the world faces growing resource scarcity, renewable vegetable oil based chemicals has become a critical solution for alternative energy source The rapid growth of the palm plantations in Indonesia signifies that this industry is expanding. Securing the supply of raw materials is not issue as Indonesia is the world's largest palm oil producers. For this reason, palm oil will notably be the main source of raw material that answers the rising concern over environmental preservation.

As the pioneer in Palm Oil based Oleochemical Industry, we PT. Cisadane Raya Chemicals (CRC) understand the importance and needs of future generations. Hence, eco-friendly products for downstream consumers are the heart of everything we do. We are also encouraging ongoing research in this area.

As a long term solution, I believe that oleochemicals has the capacity for replacing petrochemical as the main source of energy and consumer goods. Environmental and health concious consumers are seeking more vegetable based products. Taking strategic view on this matter, we are now making significant steps to further explore this opportunity.

Thank you for being part of our 35 years journey of serving the globe and let us continue to make difference and move towards a greener future.